Thursday, July 3, 2008


To be up this morning and realize how soon we would all go our own ways was depressing and not such a good note to begin a day which had in store things much more interesting. We started with a discussion on PRIVILEGES we all have. I found it so difficult to give up each one of them and when I was asked which one privilege I was left with, I realized the importance of my family. I chose to have a supportive family which attended to my basic needs and kept me happy and secure.

Todays dinner at my fellow udayachalite aditya was a really good experience.The bollywood movie we watched there was soooooo muchhh fun. But departing with scogs and the faculty members was a tearful farewell. That's when we realized how attatched we had got in just a matter of three weeks.

Going home is going to be so difficult. To say good bye to the PA kids is really tough. I'll miss them all. Anyways internet will be our saviour. All of us have got facebook accounts made and hope to keep in touch. We all have planned our follow up projects and are looking forward to being changemakers. WE ARE THE FUTURE CHANGE MAKERS!


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