Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Almost done

Wow!!!! We never actually realized how quickly these three weeks flew by. The 2nd of July has already come to an end. Anyways, talking about today, all of us had two options: either meeta diplomat the U.S. Consulate or have a creative writing workshop. I chose to go the U.S. Consolate because I have never had such an oppurtunity to meet a personality of this kind. So, we went up to him this afternoon. We arrived early and we had some gelato at a store near the Consulate. Soon we were at his high security office. Mr. Michael Newbill, the Consul for Political and Economic Affairs, shared the responsibilities of the U.S. embassies and consolates in different countries and what he was doing in Mumbai. He was a very open and impressive personality because he was very hospitable towards us and felt free to answer all sorts of questions that we had. We had an awesome experience with him today.

Talking about an impressive personality, I also met this really catchy person at a dinner at the Godrej's residence on June 30th. Ms. Farzana Haque, who simply got my attention through her jaw-dropping success stories. She is currently in a great position with TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES at such a young age!! For me she has now become an inspiration as I also want to have the same qualities of an entrepreneur which she possesess.

Moving on with today, we had a quick bite at Swati Snacks- a restaurant which was suggested by the Consul himself. Later, we went to FabIndia where we had been previously in our program. I shopped a bit for my mum and my friends and hung out with everyone for two hours. Later, we again had dinner at this great restaurant called KHYBER. Vipin and Teressa from Ashoka Youth Venture also joined in with us for dinner. The food and dessert were great. By the end of the day all of us were quite tired and headed back to our appartments.

I can't actually believe that this thrilling programme has come to its closing moments. It was a brillliant chance for all of us to not only learn and experience new things but also groom the potential that sits somewhere deep inside our hearts and minds........ It's definitely going to be tough to say good bye to all these folks because we have become such good friends that we almost feel like family now. I wish all the best to all my friends of PA and hope they have a bright future and I hope they will never forget us. I will surely miss them.

I also want the next groups for the coming year to have more fun and try to learn as much as they can. My best wishes to all of them. Thank you Phillips Academy and Udayachal. I owe a lot to you!!!!!!!

-Aditya Bajaj from Udayachal


Amit Pai said...

I came in to your blog through a 'google alert' on Tata Consultancy Services which most people would have configured in their mailbox in our company. Before posting any such comments about a 30 yr old woman being CEO of Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, please verify your facts. TCS Ltd is a public limited company. The CEO is Mr S. Ramadorai who is in his 60s and has been with the company for more than 35 years. If you need any more information on TCS Ltd, please visit our website and you will see our CEO's profile there.

Aftab said...

In response to Amit Pai's comment, nowhere in Aditya Bajaj's blog post does he mention that Ms. Farzana Haque is the CEO of TCS. To quote from his post: "She is currently in a great position with TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES at such a young age!!".

Mr. Pai, you definitely over-reacted on this one!

Amit Pai said...

That's not cool, my dear! It was mentioned CEO till yesterday. It has been modified today. Anyways, so long as the correction is done, I have no problems! Cheers!

anojros said...

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