Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Letter from Save the Children India

Dear Mr. Mundra,

I am glad you had a great time visiting the homes of the students of our Special Care Center. We hope the students of Phillips Academy as well as the students of Udayachal High School had a great experience.

Our students of Special Care Center, Save The Children India had a very enriching experience interacting with the students of Phillips Academy and the Udayachal High School. At the end of the workshop it was very interesting to see the four groups perform, whether it was dance, art, computers, or theatre. For the first time I saw them [STCI students] so confident. The way the students connected, it was hard to believe they had only spent 8 hours teaching them. It was a very emotional moment when each student as a part of the group came up to say a few words to thank the students of Phillips Academy and the Udyachal High School. What really touched them was the way the students made them feel a part of them like any other normal child and they knew they had found a new friend. Words are not enough to express the joy and happiness the students felt.

Our Director, Dr. Anand, was amazed at the concern shown by the students of Phillips Academy and the Udayachal High School towards knowing the background of our Special Care Center. We are extremely happy that the greater Phillips Academy Community has dedicated time and effort for community services. I am sure all the students graduating from your
Academy will always be concerned about the less fortunate people around them and would make a difference to make this world a better place to live.

Thank You.

With Warm Regards, Natasha

Natasha Sehgal
Resource Mobilization Officer
Save The Children India

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