Wednesday, June 18, 2008

After spending a night chit chatting with anabel,lily,neha ...we were all still awake with exxxtra energy !!!we were all really excited as it was our first day out working.At breakfast we(udayachal students) gave a short talk about hinduism and were really surprised to see curious eyes(P.A students) watching us & listening with all interest to the mythological stories.
We then visited the organisation SAVE THE CHILDREN INDIA(STCI)...we were all welcomed by the students & the principal in the traditional Indian way & were really pleased by the beautiful flowers they offered us...!!!We then had a presentation about the various activities undertaken by the STCI.I was really shocked & surprised to hear about the different problems coming up in India.Projects like the SOS(SAVE OUR SISTERS),SAHAS-KENDRA,NALINI,YASMIN,ADOLESCENT GIRLS PROGRAM gave us all an actual idea about what the organisation actually does to help the trafficked people.Another thing that really amazed me was that the children there were so well-mannered,intelligent,bright..& curious to learn more.We were also divided into 4 different groups viz.ART,DANCE,THEATRE,COMPUTERS.I chose the dance group & was really happy bcoz the amazing talents of the children really made it easier for us to teach them mmmm....ya we did have tough times coz they were like really restless after lunch.It was a truly different experience for me there..i just didn't feel like leaving the place.The joy i could see in the children there really brought tears of joy into my eyes.
We then visited the SIDDHIVINYAK TEMPLE & HAJJI ALI MOSQUE.We had to travel through the bustling traffic of Mumbai.All i could see was people biting hot & spicy VADA PAVS(a type of junk food in Mumbai)& sipping hot tea.I could also hear the constant honking of the vehicles & the amazed & perplexed eyes of some of the PA students.
The temple was really crowded (i was used to it ).But the mosque was like really beautiful..i mean the pathway through the ocean was a feast to the eyes...the blue waves crashing against the rocks was so beautiful..!!!
We then had a lavish,delicious dinner..& were like all tired after a long tiring day of travelling,roaming..!!I was really happy coz i had observed so many wonderful things which went unnoticed staying all these 14 years in Mumbai!!!
.......................Aishwarya Nair.

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